Sales Post May 2014 *ignore info has changed*

Prices are before shipping unless stated otherwise (flat rate is usually $4 for one plush [varies on size], will combine shipping as in 2 plushes will cost $6 instead of $8 or 4 plushies for $8, it depends on size and packaging I have to use or if i need to go out an buy it)

I only accept Paypal, I ship from California, Who ever pays first gets it, items are also listed on storevny (it would be okay to buy from there, you can also get a 10% discount if you do, prices are a bit higher because of the discount and Paypal fees, but it gives proof of a transaction) If you'd like me to make a listing on storenvy for items here that I don't have listed there please let me know (also if you intend to use the coupon please let me know, it's easier if you don't though so I don't have to adjust the price).

I would like payments to be sent as "Gifts", if you're making a small (or cheap order I won't add the fees into the shipping, but if you're making a bigger order please keep this in mind, since fees can end up taking amounting to half or more of shipping)

International buyers welcome, but will are encouraged to get tracking on mail (otherwise I can't be held responsible for lost or delayed items) I'm looking into registered airmail (apparently it's not for every country), but from what I've seen getting tracking is very expensive, so just using a custom's number is fine, if you'd like actual tracking I will get it and will charge you what I'm told the cost is using the online shipping calculator. I will round up the price though to help cover paypal fees (if payment isn't sent as a gift).

I re-use packaging, and use a lot of tape ( I got four rolls of packing tape right now, which means you may end up with tape shield on your package haha!). Also I don't have many bubble mailers left, so I'll have to start using some of my small boxes soon, which is partially why I really want to get everything sold in sets. I'm willing to go out and buy bubble mailers but you'll pay for part of that cost.

Orders at MOST will take one week to ship out, this doesn't happen often but please keep it in mind (school is nearly over so this shouldn't be much of a problem, although i'd rather not drive across town to the post office multiple times a week).


So this is an overview of everything, over the next few days I'll be taking more detailed and individual pictures and what not but right now I'm taking offers on stuff so feel free to through 'em out


**Please note that prices are somewhat negotiable, I'm willing to consider an offer and come to an in between number on most things**

Sailor Moon S set [BSM 27-33] (Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uruanus, and wand): $95
  individual Sailor Uranus $10, or Mercury $12
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Sailor Moon Super S puffy Lot [BSM 82,83,84,86,87] (Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus): $65
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Wedding Mamoru and Usagi [BSM 34, 35]: $22 shipped
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School Usagi [BSM 11] (No Tag) : $10 shipped

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Minako w/ Volleyball [BSM 24]: $10 (2 available)
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Ami w/ Text Book [BSM 21]: $10 (2 Available)
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Tuxedo Mask [BSM:19]: see photos for prices
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Makoto w/Bento [BSM 23]: $9
Rei [BSM 22]: $10
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Ami Towel Hanger: $8 shipped (USA)
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Sailor Jupiter [BSM 78]: $15
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Sailor Moon R Lot [BSM 13-16] :$35
  Individual: Mercury w/tag: $8, without: $6
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Sailor Pluto S Plush: $16, Stars $25
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Sailor Moon World Plush Set Sailor Moon S [BSM 44 - 48]: $60
Only Selling as a Set!
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Mini Compacts: full set: $50 shipped (USA) [1 available], individual $10 shipped (USA) [4 available: 2 Chibiusa compacts, 1 crisis and 1 of Sailor Moon's first compact), All compacts are unopened (still in the plastic), limited number of inserts, first come first serve
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"Big" Plushes: Mercury and Moon, $13 each or both for $25
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Bandai Sailor Moon: Taking Offers
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Sailor Moon Pins
Luna w/ 2 hearts: $6 (2 available)
Diana: $14 (on hold until Thursday)
Jupiter: $8
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Cats and Sailor Moon

My sister's cats and my sailor moon collection (more will be added)

This is Vash. He was smitten with the Sailor Venus slipper plush, and since I had two of them I decided to let him have one. He enjoys playing with it by throwing it across the room and tossing it up in the air, as a result it is now quite worn out.




Vash also takes great pride in inspecting the things I'm selling as well as my personal Sailor Moon items.
Now I know the picture with his head in my lunch pail is cute but don't be fooled. He was looking to see if I left any food for him in there that he could eat (which is just about anything). Even when my lunch pail is closed he is constantly trying to bite it open.


This kitty is Indiana. As you can see she, she enjoys watching Sailor Moon with the rest of the family. She has also tried stealing part of my collection (picture on the right). I mean look at that guilty expression (which is hard to see since the lighting was so terrible and I had a bad camera on my phone at the time.

She's a big Ami/Sailor Mercury fan. As you can see she believes that she is Sailor Mercury and is trying to take her place on the display I had up on my dresser.

Although she'll also settle for just hanging out with the plushiess

Or she'll nap with them (yay for having of the GE plushes!!)
However she seems a bit embarrassed when she's caught spending time with them.

Thanks for reading :)


Everything I have for sale!!

Important Info to Know
Prices listed do not include shipping

Shipping total also includes paypal fees (I reuse packaging but if I need to buy a specific box or something I'll charge for part of it...this isn't likely to happen because I have loads of bubble wrap and tape
that will keep your purchase safe even in a paper bag ^__^)

I normally ship via first class postage (from usps)
First class doesn't have tracking if you'd like tracking please say so, (it will cost more though)

If you'd like to negotiate a price, feel free to make an offer, I'm very open minded :)
Collapse )If you have questions feel free to ask them here
everything is also for sale here

Mitch was the worst present ever...

okay so this morning i'm woken up to my sister asking if i had a friend over or something...and i'm like no, (cause seriously who would i invite over... the people from school who's numbers i have were the people i was living with, and i'm not living with them again for a reason). Anyways, she says there's this random dude on our asleep on out couch, and i'm like, are you sure it isn't dad (our parents came down this weekend), and she like no it's some random dude, and i'm like what the fuck? i mean seriously we live in a nice, moderately quite neighborhood, but just wow...he also threw up on the carpet which sister's poor boyfriend cleaned up thinking it might of been one of the's actually hilarious when you think about it (i started typing it out like after everything happened so i've calmed down now ^__^) also in shocking news when my dad found out he calmly told him to leave (since the dude was sitting outside waiting for a cab that my sister and her boyfriend called for him...really they're too nice) with out cussing him out or anything (which was good thing really) so all in all an interesting start to being 19

Buying from Yahoo Auctions Japan, Rinkya...etc

Hello there! I was wondering if anyone here could explain to me how these sites work? I know that you have that there are fees and what not, but what I don't understand is exactly how much these fees are, and how they work. On Rinkya (which is a japan/ japan auctions buying service thing) it seems like the fees make it seem a lot more expensive then what it would seem...and starts to make ebay seem cheap :/ unfortunately ebay doesn't have the same items...otherwise my life would be easier XD 

Anyways I'd appreciate any help or explanations about this (or links to extremely simplified explanations...since I couldn't understand the ones on Rinkya). 


I just really wanted to brag about my little assortment of Sailor Moon related plushes I have ^__^ 

So here they are ^__^

An over view of all of them :)

My Irwin plushies ^__^ I love these ones so much, I just think they're 
so adorable ^__^ and all of them but Tuxedo Mask are in a box!!! Which 
was an accomplishment achieved by putting my wallet on a diet, although
most I had to pay for one was about $24 shipped so it's not too bad...
I almost have a complete set too, just missing Uranus (and a Mars with
a plastic rather than jeweled broach) 

PS. I have some out of these out of the box that I'm selling and have a post over in Serasell if you're interested (or you could just talk to me...or wait on me to put the sales post on here >__>)

UFO catcher prize Sailor Moon dolls (shelf sitters)
They all have their tags and I have the whole set minus the rod

Not Pictured: Uranus shelf sitter (Haruka just hates me for some reason XD)
because when I bought her the seller warned me that her boot straps were on the verge
of falling of, and they did...I just need to glue them back on though.